Collaboration with Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel

I am pleased to announce that I'll be providing the youth accepted into Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel with experiential learning opportunities in yoga and mindfulness as they prepare for their trip abroad. If you know an outstanding young person living in Maryland's 7th Congressional District also entering their sophomore year in a high school, you are encouraged to nominate them, here.

There's an app for that!

Maybe you follow me on Facebook - thank you! Maybe you already use the MindBody app but didn't know I was there too. Those are two great ways to find my next group class or workshops. In addition, you may now also book individual yoga therapy sessions with me. To that end, I also now have my very own mobile app, which you can download from your favorite store:

2016 Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium

Amy was awarded a scholarship to attend the 2016 Buddhist Contemplative Care Symposium; AWAKE AT THE BEDSIDE: RADICAL COMPASSION IN PALLIATIVE AND END-OF-LIFE CARE. This event is a collaboration between the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care & The Garrison Institute, to occur from November 3rd to November 6th, 2016 at the Garrison Institute in Garrison, NY. The symposium will include a special performance of ‘Extreme Measures’ by Eve Ensler, performed by James Lecesne with a live ‘talk back’ session afterwards. More information can be found here

How I became a yoga teacher...

I regularly sit on the yoga mat at the front of the studio watching over a room full of people in corpse pose.

After all the beautiful work they do with the asana portion of class, I ask them to place one hand on their heart center, and to accept themselves unconditionally. I hold the space for this difficult work.

What does that mean? What did it take to get me to this yoga mat in the front of the room? The short answer is that my mom died, and as best I could, I helped her to do so. Of course there is a much longer answer...

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